The Idyllic Latta Viking Greenway

Walk, Jog, Bike

Set on 300 acres, a 1.5 mile nature trail meanders through the meadows, forest and fields surrounding the campus of the Latta Elementary school.  Designed as a multi-use trail, for the school as well as the community, the trail includes a series of ten foot panels providing educational interpretative aspects of the natural environment.  These include how a forest is created, water is cleaned, animals use of the environment, the importance of active lifestyle, among the set of thirteen.

Within the Greenway is a separate 1/4 mile loop "The Legacy Tree Trail".  That segment, includes 12 trees planted along the trail.  Signage by each tree provides information on how trees develop as well as information honoring the memory of Latta residents who contributed to the community over the years.


Eight metal sculpture markers depicting various wildlife mark progress in 1/8 mile segments along the trail and a location map.  A new walkway and seating area was added in 2020.  This structure in a scenic area projects out over a stream making a wonderful spot to read, rest or simply connect with nature.


Well maintained, this trail is a terrific asset for the community, it's residents and visitors.  Check it out when you visit the Inn and go for a peaceful walk through picturesque countryside.






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