Savory Palmier

"New from the Kitchen"
Recipe of the Month - December 2016

Appetizers & Sorbets: Savory Palmier

My Sous Chef, Jeff Grubb often makes Palmiers for our parties and to use in our lunches to go. We were recently talking about a simple pick up biscuit for an event we were having and came up with the idea to modify the Palmier using herbs and cheese as a savory wafer. So we have the offspring of a French cookie and a southern cheese biscuit.

1 sheet of puffed pastry
2 tablespoons dehydrated onion
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 tablespoons herbs de Provence
1 teaspoon lavender flowers
1 tablespoon salt
½ - 3/4 cup Gruyere cheese

Crush the garlic in mortar and pestle until almost powder, add the herbs and crush again. Add the salt and crush once more.

Layout the sheet of puffed pastry and cut in half lengthwise. Sprinkle each with half the herb/salt mixture and half of the cheese and press lightly with a rolling pin.

Fold each edge in by 1/4, fold each edge again by 1/4. Fold left side over right side. It will create 6 layers. Cut roll into 1/4 inch slices and bake in 350 degree for 20 minutes turning after 10 minutes. Makes approximately 26 wafers