Sandy Paradise

"New from the Kitchen"
Recipe of the Month - July 2011

Accompaniments: Sandy Paradise

Inspired by the water in the Sea of Abaco on a recent trip to the Bahamas, this summery cocktail includes one of my favorite ingredients, "Hypnotiq". A French liqueur (with which I also use to make a sorbet), it's a beautiful turquoise color. The "Sand" gives the drink it a nice little crunch. Emily, One of our servers named it. Enjoy and don't forget to catch the fish!

1& 1/2 ounce Hypnotiq
3/4 ounce Dom Richardo Coconut rum
Splash of white grapejuice
1 Teaspoon Shimmering Sugar (available at William Sonoma)
1 gummy fish

Place ice in Martini glass to chill
Fill cocktail shaker with Hpnotiq, rum and grape juice
Dump ice from glass, place sugar in bottom and strain liqour into the glass
Place a gummy fish in the drink and serve.