New York Style Cheesecake

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Desserts: New York Style Cheesecake

Ingredients Graham Cracker Crust
1 cup (4 ounces) graham cracker crumbs 1 tbs sugar 5 tbs unsalted butter, melted plus additional 1 tbs melted butter for greasing pan.

Ingredients Cheesecake filling
2½ pounds cream cheese, cut into rough 1-inch chunks and left to stand at room temperature for 30- 45 minutes 1/8 tsp salt 1½ cups sugar 1/3 cup sour cream 2 tsp lemon juice 2 tsp vanilla extract 2 large egg yolks plus 6 large whole eggs

Adjust oven rack to lower-middle position and heat oven to 325°. Combine graham cracker crumbs and sugar in medium bowl; add 5 tablespoons melted butter and toss with fork until evenly moistened. Brush bottom and sides of 9-inch springform pan with most of remaining melted butter, making sure to leave enough to brush pan in step 3. Empty crumbs into springform pan and use bottom of ramekin or drinking glass to press crumbs into bottom of buttered springform pan. Press crumbs as far as possible into edges of pan. Use teaspoon to neatly press crumbs into circumference of pan to create clean edge. Bake until fragrant and beginning to brown around edges, about 13 minutes. Cool on wire rack while making filling. Increase oven temperature to 500°. In standing mixer fitted with paddle attachment, beat cream cheese at medium-low speed to break up and soften slightly, about 1 min. scrape beater and bottom and sides of bowl well with rubber spatula; add salt and about half of sugar and beat at medium-low speed until combined, about 1 min. Scrape bowl; beat in remaining sugar until combined, about 1 min. Scrape bowl; add sour cream, lemon juice, and vanilla, and beat at low speed until combined, about 1 min. Scrape bowl; add yolks and beat at medium-low speed until thoroughly combined, about 1 min. Scrape bowl; add whole eggs two at a time, beating until thoroughly combined, about 1 min, and scraping bowl between additions. Brush sides of springform pan with remaining melted butter. Set spring form pan on rimmed baking sheet (to catch any spills if springform pan leaks). Pour filling into cooled crust and bake at 500 degrees for 10 mintues; without opening oven door. Reduce oven temperature to 200° and continue to bake until instant-read thermometer inserted into center of cheesecake registers about 150°, about 1 ½ hours. Transfer cake to wire rack and cool 5 minutes; run paring knife between cake and side of springform pan. Cool until barely warm, 2 ½ to 3 hours. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate until cold, at least 3 hours. (Cake can be refrigerated up to 4 days.) To unmold cheesecake, remove sides of pan. Slide thin metal spatula between crust and pan bottom to loosen, then slide cake onto serving plate. Let cheesecake stand at room temperature about 30 minutes, then cut into wedges and serve.

Ingredients Fresh Strawberry Topping:
2 pounds strawberries, cleaned, hulled, and cut lengthwise into ¼ to 1/8 inch slices ½ cup sugar Pinch Salt 1 cup (about 11 ounces) strawberry jam 2 tbs lemon juice

Toss berries, sugar, and salt in medium bowl; let stand until berries have released juice and sugar has dissolved, about 30 minutes, tossing occasionally to combine. Process jam in food processor until smooth, about 8 seconds, transfer to small saucepan. Bring jam to simmer over medium-high heat; simmer, stirring frequently, until dark and no longer frothy, about 3 minutes. Stir in lemon juice; pour warm liquid over strawberries and stir to combine. Let cool, then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until cold, at least 2 hours or up to 12 hours. To serve, spoon a portion of topping over each slice of cheesecake.