Chocolate Mousse

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Recipe of the Month - July 2016

chocolate mousse
Desserts: Chocolate Mousse

For a recent rehearsal dinner, the mother of the groom wanted some chocolate mousse on the dessert table. I modified my regular recipe for a slightly lighter version which we served in little 2 ounce cups with their own tiny spoon (we also did a white chocolate and raspberry version I'll share later). It is pictured here in a regular compote as a dessert serving with a dollop of raspberry sauce.

10 ounces good quality chocolate with 60% Cacao Bittersweet chocolate chips

1/4 cup hot coffee

4 room temperature eggs

2 cups heavy cream

2 tablespoons sugar

Whip the cream to form soft peaks place in the refrigerator. Beat the eggs and sugar about 10 minutes until thick and fluffy. Melt the chocolate in a large bowl over simmering water.

Mix the hot coffee into the chocolate mixture and working quickly stir in the beaten eggs and then fold in the whipped cream. Pour the mixture into serving dishes and chill for about 2 hours until firm.

Serve with a little piping of fresh whipped cream (I always put a little vanilla and powdered sugarin mine) and optionally a dollop of fresh raspberry sauce (See recipe in August 2008 recipe for Peach Melba).